Beer Brackets – Final 8

After what turned into a long round one (who is posting these things?) I bring you the final 8 beers for a suds-chugging showdown.

In what some argue (ok one person, naming no names, Geoff Capell) has labeled as the best matchup of the tournament, these two prodigious IPA powerhouses square off. The winner… could decide the championship. Just saying…

One of these beers is a Belgian beer labeled as so, and the other is an IPA dressed up in Belgian clothing.  Both will ensure you forgot where you parked your car, and certainly hinder you from getting to grandma’s house.

The better matchup might be between these northern California breweries’ mascots. Who would win in a battle (let’s say its on neutral turf, like in a saltwater river?) between a bear and a shark? That’s how I would really base this vote. Either way Goldilocks would’ve been screwed when she came home.

In what has turned into another northern California battle, both these beers pack a punch and taste somewhat similar. So… maybe we just combine the two for the next round? Torpedo Maximus IPA? I like the sound of it.


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