Pampers N’ Pints 2014 Beer Madness Final Round 1 Matchups

This concludes round 1 matchups. These three polls will … yes you guessed it – take us to the Elite 8 of the beer madness. (Who’s excited?) Anyone… Anyone?

If you want a refresher on these beers, please take a gander at the original reviews below.



 Previous Finals
(1)Pliny The Elder (54%) def. (8) Sam Adams Oktoberfest
(7)Tripel Karmiliet (54%) def. (2) Rogue Dead Guy Ale
(3) Cali-Belgique (75%) def. (6) Big Daddy Ipa
(4) Sculpin IPA (80%) def (5) Wailua Wheat
(2)Lagunitas Maximus (80%) def. (7) Guinness Black Lager



sierra torpedoSierra Nevada Torpedo IPA.

Style: American IPA (India Pale Ale)

ABV%: 7%

Most Sierra Nevada beers have that piney aroma flavor which can somewhat be simulated by gnawing on the branches of nearby trees, however while that awesome flavor is what makes their beers great, it also is present in each batch of beer they put out. This masterpiece is different. Read More…


stoutMurphy’s Irish Stout

Brewed by: Murphy Brewery in Cork, Ireland

Style: Irish Dry Stout

ABV: 4.0%

I don’t normally drink stouts, but when I do, I drink Murphy’s. Whoa. A beer company should totally use that tag line and perhaps even base an entire ad campaign around it using a handsome, gregarious, adventure-seeking Latin man.

If you’re not into stouts then this is the beer to try. They don’t typically do much for me but this beer has a scrumptious chocolaty, roasted malt flavor and goes down smooth despite its dark body. Read More…

winter_solstice_seasonal_aleWinter Solstice Seasonal Ale

Brewed by Anderson Valley Brewing Company  Bonnville, California

Style Winter Warmer

ABV 6.90%

Anderson Valley Brewing may not pay attention to detail when doing Google searches (had they done so they would’ve realized no bears within 3,000 miles have antlers), but they are strong in one thing – making kick-ass beer. This creamy caramel concoction is one of those ass kickers. Read More…

konaBrewed by: Kona Brewing Company Kona, Hawaii

Style: American Blonde

ABV: 4.40%

Refreshing spring-time beer with an abundance of tongue-tingling hop happiness? Yes please.

I’d classify this as a summer lager, however it has a creatively, tantalizing amount of hops. It’s like all the delicious parts of an IPA without the bitterness. Read More…

great whiteGreat White

Brewed by  Lost Coast Brewery Eureka, (Northern) California

Style Witbier

ABV 4.80%

Almost all of the world’s Great White Shark population are aggressive, unruly creatures. Most have anger issues and always go to bed pissed off.

The shark on the label of Great White’s bottle has created a lifestyle quite the antithesis. With a pint of suds in one fin and a surf board in the other, this laid-back fish is the envy of sharks everywhere. Read More…

mlyellapils-0505Mama Little Yella Pils

Brewed by  Oskar Blues Brewery Lyons, Colorado USA

Style Czech Pilsener

ABV 5.30%

I’m not sure who Mama is or if she even approves of drinking, but she is representing a pretty solid pilsener. The brewery that brought us Dales Pale Ale in a can now has quite the canned beer repertoire which is popping up outside of Colorado. Great for day time drinking and guaranteed to put a smile on your town’s can lady.

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