Calling all Guest Bloggers, Bloogers, and Bogglers: Write today!

First off a Happy New Year and best wishes in 2014 from Pampersnpints.

Secondly, now that the blog has been named the 2,441,248th best blog in the blogging category Bloggers who live west of Oakland, Ca, own a black cat and have a name that rhymes with Sleeve, the staff can rest and look for new innovative ways to spread hilarity in 2014.

And there is no other way to do that then having some guest bloggers. Here are some of the most common FAQ’s I’ve never received about guest blogging.

What is a guest blogger?
A guest blogger is a person who wishes to write on this blog.
free-candy-vanWhat should I write about?
Babies, kids, beer would be a good start. After all that is what this blog is about. Maybe you could add additional information about how because of your own dad you now live in a van down by a river and can’t stop listening to Judas Priest. Just an idea?
How do I submit a guest blog?
Well believe it or not this site does have a guest blog section contrary to several readers’ assumption that it was only created to house a picture of a polar bear looking into an igloo.
Funny-Drunken-PigWhy would I ever want to do such a thing? I’d actually prefer to give myself swine flu.
Because it’s fun and you can get your thoughts out there! Believe it or not many readers do read this blog so you’d get some exposure… to readers, not to swine flu. Well maybe swine flu, but not as a direct result unless you are submitting your guest blog while also wrestling with a hog that has made some bad life decisions.


Get started now!

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