When Babies Attack

It was after the fourth punch to the nose that the bear finally accepted the reality that his supposed friend, the giraffe, was not coming to his rescue. In fact, he was pretending not to even notice the vicious pummeling happening right behind him.

The Least Favorite Person in the Delivery Room

A tale of a dad-to-be attempting…and failing to comfort his wife during labor For a dad-to-be, the best way to prepare for labor tasks that lie ahead is to teleport via time machine to a civilization just before a hostile conquering occurs. After your village is ransacked, voluntarily enslave yourself, then live out the rest…

Picture Me Rollin’

And the winning caption for the last picture post goes to… How dare you sir! I’m not that kind of baby Honorable mention… Who is your doctor…your skin is baby soft! Thanks to everyone for submitting a caption.

Lake Jingleheimer Is My Lake Too

Tales from the “Big Day” Preparing for the day of birth is a lot like preparing for Gettysburg. Your gear is packed and loaded, you’ve trained for months, and you’re confident that the agreement you made with your partner ahead of time will stand in the heat of battle. (This is the pact made during…

Caption America

Welcome to another Caption edition of the blog. The way it works is you look at the current caption,realize how dumb it is and then beat it with a better one. Just click Other then enter it and submit below or leave a comment on the page. Then the top ones will be resubmitted for…