Pigeon Play

homing pigeonYears ago messenger pigeons dominated the sky – visionaries in communication technology, delivering messages to dignitaries throughout the land. Today, with the rise of cell phone communication most of them are shells of their former selves, forced to live out the rest of their days as mere common birds.

The unlucky ones found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, such as in the back alley of a French restaurant, but others decided to call Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California home. With only dreams of memory’s past to occupy an anxious brain, pigeons often find comfort in teasing young children into thinking they can be captured, only to disappoint  the youngster as they dance just out of reach of the tyke’s reach. This bird of un-prey was no exception…


I see you pigeon. And now I shall capture you.


I’m closing the gap on you pigeon or the photographer has zoomed out, not sure which.


I’m one step away from raising my shovel down upon thee pigeon


gosh dangit’ pigeon, stop moving! Just when I get close enough…


This is getting ridiculous !


Argh! Stop moving… Don’t you dare go through that fence pigeon. I swear…


Don’t do it pigeon.

He did it. Darn you pigeon. Darn you.

He did it. Darn you pigeon. Darn you.




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