Holiday Beer Pairings for When Santa Claus Comes to Town (assuming he’s not on the wagon-sleigh)

Milk and cookies are no longer enough for santa claus. Here are some beer and food pairings for the jolly man in red (and your guests).


Pampers N’ Pints 2014 Beer Madness

Most of you have already been eliminated from your NCAA bracket challenges and have started drinking beer anyway, so I’d like to introduce the first ever Pampers n’ Pints Beer Madness. Yes, finally brackets I can’t screw up… Wait, how does this work? I hope I don’t have to do any math. 16 beers have…

Zombie or Baby?

This week’s post has three steps to it… ready? 1) Watch video with sound and all the way to the end 2) Fill out poll 3) Read beer review 4) Make out with the first person you see to your left (One of the four is optional, so if I don’t get many polls filled…